First Island is playable

We haven’t posted an update for a while, so here’s what we’ve done in the meantime (…nice, uh? ;D).
Instead of building up a while city around the player, we decided to make single islands for every city-district. You start with only one island (harbour island) to then uncover all remaining Island. Currently we have 3-4 Islands planned.

•    Harbour Island (Start)
•    Entertainment Island (supposed to be the 2nd)
•    Industry Island (supposed to be the 3rd)
•    Pirate Ship (very big, therefore handled like an island)
Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 19.06.57
This structure also makes it easier for us to plan ahead and to work on it. It’s also easier for the player, with only one focus point at the beginning, it should be clear where to look for triggers.

Here’s the asset-list for Island #1:
•    Musician, rigged and animated
•    Boat’s-man, rigged and animated
•    Birds, rigged and animated
•    Island
•    3 different rocks
•    2 different trees
•    2 sets of gras
•    Gearwheels
•    House outer
⁃    House inner top
⁃    House inner basement
•    Windmill
•    Lighthouse
•    Underwater-tunnel
•    Hatch
•    Boat
•    Paddels
•    Fishing-rod
•    Boat-Dock

•    Musician Start (by Yukio)
•    Musician Loop (by Yukio)
•    Musician Stop (by Yukio)
•    Door open
•    Gears turning
•    Windmill turning
•    Lighthouse turning
•    Island 2 emerging
•    various bird sounds
•    various confirmation/reward sounds

…and much more.