Playtesting is key

Last week we had a second meeting with our mentors and we were given the advise to play-test as early as possible. So we quickly arranged a few little quests and placed some coins as a reward-placeholder.

We then gave it to various people and told them to find 10 coins with doing nothing more than looking around.
The results were interesting but all pretty much the same: Most people liked the general idea of looking around and collecting something, but coins turned out to be a very lame reward. Almost everybody tried to trigger everything after they found out they can interact with the world, which is probably due to the fact that we removed visual feedback on interactables.

By now we also implemented touch-controls to look around on the smartphone/tablet, which really is a good help for debugging and it generally works pretty well, so we might keep the option in the final version.

There’s also a change in style, as you might have noticed. Not only the dev-blog changed but also the game. We still don’t know if this is the final style, but it certainly goes more into a direction we like.